About the project

SaaS Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Platform.

Complex interfaces, UX/UI, Mobile apps (iOS, Android), consulting.

My Role

I designed and prototyped for web and mobile and greatly helped R&D team to improve ERP Platform.

I made solutions that just works. for years

Product Team

I designed and documented for SaaS platform (complex interfaces) and mobile apps (iOS, Android). I designed the user flows for important epic features. I prototyped new features and overhauled the visual design for platform, project, financial, CRM, documentation and mobile teams.

I worked under CTO (Mikhail Shchelkonogov) and helped Saas Cloud ERP platform to become – lightweight, nicely looking, fresh and cool.

Acumatica ERP provides the full suite of integrated business management applications, including Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Accounting, eCommerce, Field Service, and CRM. There is only one true Cloud ERP platform designed for mid-sized customers – Acumatica.

Dashboards. Trendcards

One of the first tasks for the platform was to design Scorecards and Trendcards for Dashboards

Activities Module (CRM)

Please check this Presentation in order to learn module then check Clickable Prototype (don’t forget to click ‘Shift’).
It shows: “Create New Note”, “Create New Email” tasks completion and shows related options: filters, sorts, search, expand-collapse text, attach, quick reply, reply all – all the needs customer have in order to quickly communicate in CRM-module without any drill-down or stray. It’s useful, quick and intuitive – suitable for any type of documents.

Pivots in ERP

Easy-to-use Pivots builder module with intuitive drag’n’drop filters/params by which Pivot is built. In the process I proposed use of gray rules and overall lightening styles for Grids (Tables in ERP).

Simple Use-Flow (hover to read)

Long Running Processes

Global Search Improvements

I worked on epics – Global Search, Long Running Processes, Navigation Frameset, File Maintenance, etc

I designed 215+ .SVG mini-icons for ERP and then
 we successfully shifted from .gif sprites

About 70% clients uses Microsoft Windows with no Retina display – so pixel-perfect custom Icons were crucial for enterprise product. It was an epic task and I succeeded – everyone was absolutely happy with the results.

BEFORE (.gif sprites, material icons)

AFTER (.svg font)

I’m afraid that’s all I can show you here due to company policy

Acumatica ERP Platform – Demo

login: admin
password: 123
instance: “Company2”

upd. this instance has no data anymore, unfortunately

EDU Diagram Templates

Documentation Team

I greatly helped Alexandra Prishivalko and her team. She was pleased to work with me.

LucidCharts templates

I made templates, usage rules and further played QA role for the Education and Documentation depts.💫

During probation period my task was to build education resources web-site for enterprise: https://openuni.acumatica.com (Brand new wp site with high security SSO corporate login) and https://help.acumatica.com (re-designed and developed new Help structure – split huge User Guide into smaller role-oriented chunks)


Mobile Team

About 30% of my time @ Acumatica I designed for mobile applications. I collaborated with Dennis Dementiev and mobile team (Alexey Zhuravlev, Rustam Kendzhaev, Pavel Sorokin). Hover on this LIST for details.



Summer 2018

💪Acumatica won two SIIA Codie Awards:
🏆”Best Cloud ERP” and 🏆”Best Manufacturing Solution” and I played my role here.

Weekly UX Meetups

We discussed product issues, epics, tasks, ways to improve modern SaaS product. I prepared prototypes, presentations, screens and solutions for weekly UX Meetups. And we made further improvements based on research and data we gathered.

I also wrote feature specs sometime. Interviewing and diary studies also played important role in my daily life. The more feedbacks I could get – the better. Check this “Period Status Change” presentation which helped Olga Anisimovich to come with the final solution in her epic. Also, check Mobile Showcase and Sign In User Flow.


About 10-15% of my time I dedicated to the Design tasks related to the Company Culture and Office Space.

Hackathon 2018+

Presswall 2018
Formz & Ideas

Hackathon 2017+

Presswall 2017Master Yoda

Our Feedbatica Team – did not won 2017 Hackathon 🙂 but definitely had nice time together! However I helped winners team Acuminator to set code color scheme for Visual Studio resulting in productivity increase.

Other stuff+

I greatly helped Yana Alferova (our lovely HRD) to maintain nice Corporate Culture with the help of Design.


Office Reception

Business Cards for Annual Summits
Learning Paths for Employees (.svg)
Meeting Room Notice
hhru Students
hhru Acumatica page


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