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About the project

Aug2019-Jul2020. Complete UX-reshape for e-commerce service. I designed it with devices strategy in mind – mobile and web solutions works seamlessly for the end-users.

I wanted to bring joy and delight to the customers – so I decided to apply persuasive patterns and behavioral economy in order to achieve goals.

My Role

Design Director. CX. I tried on all the hats while working on this project – Research, UX, UI, QA, testing, strategy, consulting, e-mail campaigns, architecture, content, social media, analytics, css, improvements, translations.

I designed user flows and screens separately for mobile (320p) and web (1024, 768) – more than 100 pages overall.


Navigation and Filtering

Mobile navigation have its own specifics. Filtering is also crucial when navigating profound services with many goods. I mixed complex filters with the breadcrumbs (solution for web). It works perfect in all filtering cases. Most common paths are: mega-menu, search results, brands.

“MY ACCOUNT” section contains flexible options which help to view orders history, review wishlist and change personal details or password.

E-mail campaigns are the core revenue increasing technique for e-commerce service and the quality looking template is a-must-have. So, I designed templates and planned schedules for misc. campaigns, cart reminders, etc. – in a way user do not consider it annoying. Time factor for such campaigns is also crucial. So, we slightly help users to make their own decisions – in the end.

messages & delivery

case study txt

Case Study

In this project I applied Persuasive Design Patterns (use of psychology, social biases, people urges, feedback and timing, perception and comprehension) in order to achieve business (behavioral) goals intertwined with user goals. I paid special attention to filtering and checkout processes as well as shopping cart, user comments and account sections.

The aims were high enough: 1. customer experiencing comfort, joy and pleasure (satisfaction moments) and 2. easily achievable user goals 3. perfectly working service cycle. In the result – our site praised by customers and most of them became loyal.

I’m using these tools to test and verify: Pagespeed insights & Lighthouse – speed optimisation. Google Analytics & Yandex Metrics – to verify goal achievements, conversion and gaining insights. Google Search console – for usability and accessibility issues and trouble removal.

The Team

I brought together a small team of engineers and regulate work scope. I ideate, plan, prioritise, articulate tasks and user needs, then propose solutions, technical implementations and provide examples. My aim is to help teammates in growth – so I always helping them to learn UX-aspects in the daily communication. This approach is fruitful. It saves much time later. I motivate engineers to work meticulously and without any pressure. Healthy culture in communication – is a must have.

I regularly consult business owner, propose revenue-increasing ideas and ways to improve service. I advocate for customers – I protect their rights here but always bear in mind business side of things. I don’t use dark patterns in communications (you’ll loose in a long-term). Customers loyalty, their satisfaction – the best metrics. I’m always open to change and flexible when it comes to decision making process. I adapt and learn every single day.

Besides my teammates I provided help to other specialists (SEO, content, logistics) – for them to maintain quality of service (content, brand communications, context, delivery, etc.). I’m always reflecting on experience and evolving as a personality and UX expert.

Results and Achievements

It is quite early to speak in numbers (YOY). But we increased sales indicators by x1.4 amount since the launch in late 2019. 67% of traffic are mobile. 36% are returning users – according to recent statistics. Users became loyal. Our stable activity in social networks, users comments, email campaigns, low price and quick delivery – all these factors helps users stay with iShooter on a long-term. They trust us & enjoy themselves. CSAT=86%. Revenue increased considerably with the help of persuasive design patterns. LTV steadily increasing as well as number of Active Users.

Since we launched in late 2019 – I maintained research, QA, further analysis. I caught big amount of minor bugs. I usually test service workflows on iOS (iPhone, iPad), MacOS, Android and PC. All these platforms/devices has their own tiny issues – so you must constantly test all the features, scenarios completion and user flows in order to make sure service design is perfect in the end. Since the launch I improved many CX, flows, modules, controls and features. And there are more to come. Stay in touch.

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